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My brass pendants begin as 1mm thick blanks which I cut myself.  More complicated shapes, such as with the shared pendants, are done with waterjet.  The symbols are then chemically etched into the surface, and then re-etched to create the background.  Although the symbols remain constant, the background application and etch itself are dynamic, so each piece is unique.  I enhance and work each one until the contrast is right, and then most of them are domed - again by hand.  To finish, several coats of laquer are added.  The laquer slows down the natural oxidation from skin and environment.*

Apart from the shared pieces, I’m producing of the pendants in two sizes, larger and smaller (dimensions specifically outlined under each category).  Males seem to gravitate to the larger ones, and females to the smaller versions, but there are no rules of course.  All pendants come with a 1mm black nylon neck cord - your choice of one of two lengths, 25” (just to pass over the head) and 35” (bringing it down to approximately chest level, depending on your chest).  I would have liked to release these cords with a choice of different materials and custom sizing with clasps etc., but that capability lies further down the road.

* Even though the pieces are laquered, depending on usage and environment they will naturally tarnish and oxidize over time as the protective coating slowly wears and gets thinner.  It is nature’s way.  CLICK HERE for my video on how to refurbish the surface.

Mail: info@resonantdensity.com