As it is possible for me to bring these energies through with certain focused intentions, it is possible for me to do specific custom designs for others, which are strictly personal to them.  They are one-of-a-kind designs, and relate directly to (and are meant for) that person or group.

These designs are not limited to items that I manufacture - I’m just as happy to create specific, personal designs for tattoos, vehicles, CD covers...anything.    

It must be noted that these energies are strictly positive, so the person / people / situation must have a resonant MO.

Contact me to talk about it, and get a quote.

Below are some examples of custom work I have done thus far:

Body and Headstock for a guitar owned by Mike Kischnick of Empyria.   

Logo for a company called “Buffalo and Sun”

Group of pendants for my family and friends.  These are the very first custom ones I tried.  

Each symbol pertains to a certain person, and was brought forth through concentrated focus on their being.

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