You and I, everything we see, touch, feel, create, is energy / vibration.  

Words, pictures, symbols are vibration.

TRUTH and LOVE create beauty; they sustain, provide, heal.  

Fear self-destructs.



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I made this video from a boat on Mara Lake, British Columbia, Canada - one of my favourite places to be.  This was October 7, 2013, and really represents the start of a journey of growing understanding about this thing in my life.  Thus, there are concepts presented in this video which I did not understand then, but do now.  The video goes into more detail about Hawkin’s technique, and also shows how this phenomenon ties into the things I’m working on.  The video makes reference to a scale of 1-1000, which Dr. Hawkins used as a basis for describing levels of conscious power. The scale works as you set it in mind before beginning testing.  You could just as easily set a different scale, and would get truthful results based on that, but for me 1-1000 is now engrained, and I can test without thinking about it.  As for the end of the scale, 1000 represents the highest vibration physical beings can achieve here.  Higher vibration means no longer remaining in physical reality.  However, it seems possible for other forms and ideas to exist here at much higher vibration.  I have only just started researching this, and how this high vibration interacts with us and physical reality.


In this video I muscle test vibrational levels of physical objects in my living space, including some of the pendants I have created.  What is revealed is that perceived physical beauty is not connected to true power.  Since this video (which was done in 2013), everything coming through me personally has increased in vibration - through the billions and trillions - to the point now where it’s off any scale I know, so I no longer test my symbols.  It’s like looking at the sun with naked eyes and asking “how bright is that?”

FOOTNOTE TO THE VIDEO:  I misquoted the break point in the second testing.

The actual calibration number is always the one arrived at before the break.  

In these tests, I round out to 10s and then 1000s.  

Of course, it is possible to test in finer detail (to infinity if you wish)

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My name is Scott Gamble, and I began Resonant Density on August 7, 2012

out of an overwhelming drive to finally share something that has been in my life since early age.

The “something”? - a stream of particular energy that manifests through me as symbolic mark-making.

I have long been aware of a certain feeling attached to certain “doodles” I had always done...

an effortless, joyful flow which seemed to carry an intention outside of my own “sphere”.

This intention swirled in the background of my life until 2012,

when it suddenly became very clear to me (in an instant really)

that I had to pause other things and address this personal experiential phenomenon.  

The result is Resonant Density.  

It took more than a year of focus to arrive at enough understanding of this flow

to provide a vehicle - a means to share that which feels (so intensely) needs to be shared.

- to allow to happen what wishes to happen, through me.

There is also a personal feeling of connection here to the research being done by Massaru Emoto.

He has scientifically proven that individual consciousness affects physical reality in direct ways,

and that even printed words and their meaning have the power to

alter the structural makeup of the world around us (as we perceive it).

A third component to this story is the phenomenon of Kinetic Muscle Testing: the means of testing for truth;

the inherent kinetic muscle response that exists in every cell of our bodies to the world around us,

as well as our consciousness and that of the whole.  

A built-in ability, within our physical bodies, to ascertain truth.  

And that is truth about anything, regardless of any person’s motives or bias, likes or dislikes.

I learned to self muscle test as a means of acquiring actual vibrational calibrations

on the stream of conscious energy responsible for the markings / symbology.  

The markings test very very high, and the intensity is increasing.


To honour and share this gift, if it can be referred to in that way.

To create wearable physical items that carry truth / love vibration -

essentially pieces of high energy that can be worn.


and allow that to impact the world as Massaru Emoto has shown -

in a loving, healing, integrative way.





Inquiries from people, combined with my own growing need to know more lead me to connect with a couple of psychic mediums.  One woman, in particular, was able to shed quite a bit of light on what it going on, and it is as follows:


Something that inspires me greatly is open contact with extra-terrestrial civilizations, as we are ultimately family.  This video outlines a couple of my pendant lines based on meditation on the Yahyel, and also Sacred Circuitry as presented by Bashar.  This video was made in May, 2014.