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You need only contact me and provide the name and birthdate of yourself or another to have me create / bring through a personalized design - absolutely one-of-kind, and specifically meant for you or that person.

Employing my usual methods to draw the symbols, the difference here is that I hold the thought of the person in my mind and create from there.  A handfull of symbols come through, and I pick the strongest one.

Given the connected nature of life and all there is, I do not have to know you personally, nor be in physical proximity. As we will be in contact, I will send you a proof of this symbol before creating the physical pendant. Note that payment must be received before I proceed with manufacture.  

I wish to note that these designs will never be used for any other being or purpose, and while the designs are one-of-a-kind, the physical items can actually be reproduced  in the event they are lost or damaged.     

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